10 kilos Squash Drive
300.00 Php 300.00 Php 300.0 PHP
Help farmers from Nueva Vizcaya with their harvest of beautiful Squash/Kalabasa!! Big Bella variety:)
Each piece weighs around 3 - 4 kilos.


We are helping multiple farmers from Nueva Vizcaya with their Squash. The main farmer we are helping in the photo is Mr. Gaboy and his family from Yaway Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya:)
Like the Tomatoes, the harvesting of the Squash is sabay-sabay and there is a bountiful supply available.
2 Kilos Sweet Melon Variety
245.00 Php 245.00 Php 245.0 PHP
Get a taste of the Sweet or Mega variety Melon from Nueva Ecija!!
Each order has around 1-2 pieces, depending on the size sent by our partner farmers:)


We are helping farmers from San Jose, Nueva Ecija again:) This time, we were offered Melons!
These varieties are sweet and Class AB

NOTE: For Melon orders for 5 kilos, there is a separate listing:)
5 Kilos Isabela Saba
300.00 Php 300.00 Php 300.0 PHP
Helping Saba farmers from Isabela sell their beautiful Saba:)
5 Kilos Yellow Watermelon Drive
350.00 Php 350.00 Php 350.0 PHP
Yellow Oval Watermelon Drive for Quirino and Nueva Ecija!! Both very sweet:) Around 2 kilos per piece
(Tiffany Yellow Variety or Semisis Variety)


1. Quirino Watermelon Drive
We were asked for help to move Watermelons from Quirino.
The name of the farmers we're helping is Miss Leah Prieto and her family:) Their area in Quirino is quite far from NVAT and the other trading posts, so they sadly had no buyers:(
We are helping them sell their bountiful harvest!

2. Nueva Ecija Watermelon Drive
We informed a farmer from Nueva Ecija that we will be buying their Watermelons, expecting a harvest of only 200 kilos. When the other farmers heard that a truck will be brought, they were so so happy and all of them harvested their Watermelons also! We were so suprised that the 200 kilos became 2 Metric Tons (2,000 kilos)! Because they had no means to transport their produce, they were worried that the Watermelons would be left to rot in the fields. So they were really happy when their entire harvest was also bought, parang may fiesta ang saya nila:)
5 kilos Batangas Avocado
800.00 Php 800.00 Php 800.0 PHP
Promo price for Batangas Avocado!!

Batanas Avocado is finally back in season, these Avocados were our Best Seller last year:)

Creamy and Tasty!
5 kilos Melon from Nueva Ecija
550.00 Php 550.00 Php 550.0 PHP
Beautiful Melons (either Mega, Solar, or Sweet variety) from San Jose, Nueva Ecija!!


We are helping farmers from San Jose, Nueva Ecija again:) Just on the other side of the field of the Yellow Watermelons. This time, we were offered Melons!
These varieties are of good quality!

Please Note: Since they are a new harvest, they are still unripe and may take a few days to ripen. When they smell good/sweet, they are ready to eat:)
5 kilos Seedless Watermelon
450.00 Php 450.00 Php 450.0 PHP
New Watermelons available!! This time seedless:)


This time we are helping a farm Diffun, Quirino with their harvest! The owner is Maam Arlene. Sweet and red on the inside:)
6 kilos Red Lady Papaya
420.00 Php 420.00 Php 420.0 PHP
Help support an Ifugao farmer sell his Produce
We tried some of his Papaya for a few batches and we received positive feedback for them:)

P420 for around 6 kilos worth of Red Lady Papaya

Note: Normally they are harvested for Wednesday delivery
6 pcs Sweet Vizcaya Pineapples
360.00 Php 360.00 Php 360.0 PHP
Sweet Pineapples from Vizcaya!!


These Pineapples are from multiple farms in Nueva Vizcaya!! They are one of the sweetest we tried and now the Pineapples are ready for harvesting again:)
Mixed sizes, as it depends on what are partner farmer harvests:) Normally medium size though

These are different from the Sweet Cayanne Pineapples from Sta. Ana, Cagayan:)
6 pieces Sweet Cayein Pineapples from Sta. Ana
390.00 Php 390.00 Php 390.0 PHP
Pineapple farmers part of the Sta. Ana Farmers Cooperative all the way in Sta. Ana, Cagayan are requesting for help!
Medium to large sizes:)


The total Pineapple farm area is as large as 56 Hectares! And we were told that they will be harvesting about 27 METRIC TONS (which is 27,000 kilos) next week and need buyers so that their Pineapples won't go to waste.
Let's lend a helping hand for these farmers and please not let their hard work go to waste!
All-Around Vegetable Mix - 10 kilos worth of Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Labanos, Carrot, Cabbage, Tomato, Sayote, Potato, Ampalaya, Wombok, Leek, Eggplant, Onion, Garlic
1,200.00 Php 1,200.00 Php 1200.0 PHP
All around vegetables for your daily needs!

This mix has around 10 kilos worth of the following:

Avocado from Batangas
165.00 Php 165.00 Php 165.0 PHP
Avocado from Batangas available again:)


We were offered these Avocado last year by a farmer from Lemery, Batangas. They were our best seller for being very creamy and tasty, until they became out of season.
We are happy to announce that the farmers are harvesting Avocado again:)
Banana (Lakatan Variety)
145.00 Php 145.00 Php 145.0 PHP
Lakatan Bananas from Davao around 1 - 1.2 kilos per order

A banana is one of the healthiest snacks. Full fiber that aids digestion, provides an extra boost of energy without the fats and cholesterol, and a good source of vitamins and minerals
Banana (Saba)
75.00 Php 75.00 Php 75.0 PHP
Saba from Nueva Vizcaya. They are big and quality!
Carabao Mango Drive (10 kilos)
950.00 Php 950.00 Php 950.0 PHP
Carabao Mangoes from Ilocos Norte and Nueva Vizcaya!! Usually around 3-5 pieces per kilo. Really sweet!


Metric Tons (thousands of kilos) of Carabao Mango can be harvested in, Isabela and Ilocos Norte. The farmers asked for help to sell/move their harvest! We were sent photos by the farmer and the Mangoes are beautiful and sweet!!
Grocery Mix - 4 to 5 kilos of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bell Pepper, Carrots, Potato, Sayote, Baguio Beans, Onion Red, Garlic, Tomato
580.00 Php 580.00 Php 580.0 PHP
All the vegetables you need in our Grocery Mix!

This mix has around 4 to 5 kilos total worth of the following:

Baguio Beans
Bell Pepper
Onion ( Red )
Jar of Pure Honey
480.00 Php 480.00 Php 480.0 PHP
Tasty Pure and all natural Honey from Mapayao, Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya:) The flavor of this Honey is nice and floral, perfect sweetener to add to dishes, shakes, etc!
Leafy Greens Mix - 2.5 kilos of Cabbage, Lettuce, Celery, Spinach
270.00 Php 270.00 Php 270.0 PHP
Leafy greens will make a healthier you

All the healthy leafy greens of around 2 kilos


Note: Depending on the supply from the farmers, lettuce may be usually either Romaine or Green Ice
Lowland Mix - 3.5 kilos worth of Ginger, Squash, Eggplant, Sitaw, Kamote, Ampalaya, Upo and Sili Labuyo
320.00 Php 320.00 Php 320.0 PHP
Lowland Vegetables - 3 kilos

Native Karabao Mango
105.00 Php 105.00 Php 105.0 PHP
Carabao Mangoes from multiple farmers in Region 2 (Isabela, Vizcaya, etc) and some from Ilocos Norte!

Sweet! Perfect for shakes, treats, or just to eat:)