Welcome to Curaytive City Farms!

Help our Local Farmers by getting fruits and vegetables straight from them while directly getting quality produce straight from harvest!

This initiative is partnered through the Deliver-E Initiative supported by United States Agency International Development, DTI, and DA

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Tasty Fruits!

Quality and fresh fruits from multiple farmers across the Philippines available!

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Fresh Vegetables!

Our partner farmers harvest a day before the delivery to assure the freshness and quality!

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Best Sellers!

Curious on our Best Sellers?

Check them out below:)

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Support Local!

With each order placed, you are supporting local smallholder farmers:) We believe in paying the amount that the farmers themselves want to give value to how hard they work!

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Seedless Watermelon


These Seedless Watermelons come from Maam Arlene who has a farm in Diffun, Quirino!
We are helping them sell their bountiful harvest of beautiful Watermelons:)

They are sweet and red inside:)

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Sta. Ana Pineapples


Pineapple farmers part of the Sta. Ana Farmers Cooperative all the way in Sta. Ana, Cagayan are requesting for help!

The total farm area is as large as 56 Hectares! And we were told that they will be harvesting about 27 METRIC TONS (which is 27,000 kilos) next week and need buyers so that their Pineapples won't go to waste.

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San Jose Watermelons and Melons

Backround Story:

We were originally supposed to get Yellow Watermelons from just 1 farmer. When the other farmers in the area heard that a truck would be brought, they got excited and also started harvesting their Watermelons! They told us that they were worried that their Watermelons would have to be left to rot on the fields since they had no buyers nor truck to bring them to a trading post:( When we heard that, we had no choice but to say yes to all get their harvest. A happy surprise! The harvest increased by ten fold. From 200 kilos to 2,000 kilos of Yellow Watermelons.

The smiles on the farmers faces were so big as they were saying how happy they are that we got their harvest of Watermelons:) "Parang fiesta ang saya nila!!"

Around 1-2 weeks later, we were told that right on the other side of the Watermelon field are very nice Melons:) When the sample batch was sent, we loved them! We would eat the Golden Honey Dew for a snack and use the Sweet/Mega Melon for juice!

If you would like to help support these farmers, please click this link:)

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Some Customer Feedback

Company team

Tomato, Squash, Melon, Pomelo, Satsuma, and Watermelon Feedback 

"Got my order. Thank you very much. For me mas mura na sya as compared sa supermarkets or even yata sa palengke (not so sure) but good quality talaga yung produce.. at saka higit sa lahat nakatulong ka pa sa mga local farmers:)"


Company team

Grocery Mix Feedback

"Beautiful fresh vegetables delivered straight to my doorstep! Thank you!"


Company team

All-Around Mix and Mother's Day Special Feedback

"Thank you City Farms. Vegetables and fruits and fresh and in good quality. Great and fast service. First time din makatikim ng Sweet Watermelon. Thank you so much."


Company team

Grocery Mix Feedback

"Fresh veg, prompt service, and the produce was in brown paper bags, with everything in just one big plastic bag together, so much less plastic waste. Looking forward to cooking!"



Grocery Mix, Leafy Greens Mix, Lowland Mix, and Avocado 

"We didn't regret purchasing from you guys. My kids and dad were so happy with all the fruits and kilos of veggies that we've got. They're so healthy and it's worth it. Godspeed po! Definitely will purchase again! 


Avocado, Melon, and Mango Feedback

"Btw the Avocados i ordered last weekend was so good, ang ganda and ang sarap even the Melons are sweet and so are the Mangoes. Thanks!"