Making moves: A look at Q2 of 2021

Aug 02, 2021

How DeliverE is expanding its current user base with help from partner national agencies

Another quarter has gone by, and while quarantine protocols by the government and work from home arrangements are still in place—these did not stop us from finding opportunities for DeliverE to further reach out to agricultural stakeholders. 

In the second quarter of 2021, DeliverE expanded its network of farmers/cooperatives, SMES, and transporters through various outreach activities and collaborations.

With strong partnerships with the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture (DA), and Office of Cabinet Secretary Nograles (OCS), DeliverE was able to help 244 farmers to serve 1,516 clients in Metro Manila and 84 clients outside the region, while moving 54.98 tons of fresh produce.

Efforts to conduct learning and training sessions in navigating the platform have been continuous, this time benefiting 224 new participants. And more than these numbers, DeliverE has been present in several webinars held by partner agencies to assist farmers and MSMES who are still struggling to stay afloat during this unprecedented time:

Let’s take a look at the highlights of what went down in the outreach activities held in the previous quarter: 

  1. Strengthening DeliverE’s buyer and supplier side through KUMAIN Webinar Series

On June 17,  May 27, and April 21, a KUMAIN webinar, each one specifically targeted for a different user type, was held to introduce the DeliverE platform.

Headed by and in close collaboration with the OCS, the webinar series showed agency partners of Enhanced Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty, agricultural cooperatives, and SMEs assisted by DTI regional offices, the features and benefits of the platform to their livelihoods. 

Cooperative Development Authority and the OCS expressed their support for the platform, encouraging a total of 619 attendees to register.

The webinar centered on informing participants how they can make use of DeliverE to market their agricultural and processed food products, and find consistent and alternative suppliers of raw materials particularly those who are involved in the manufacturing of DOST-FNRI’s enhanced nutribuns.

  1. DeliverE partner farmers starts supplying produce to more DOST-FNRI’s technology adopters

In support of food security programs created by the Department of Education and Department of Social Welfare and Development, both departments set out to manufacture additional nutritionally-packed food products on top of the enhanced nutribun.

To assist in this new undertaking, DeliverE takes on the role of providing alternative supplier lists to their assisted SMEs, but with a main focus as to how DOST-FNRI’s technology adopters can find raw materials for their operations through the app and platform.

The info-webinar, hosted by DOST-FNRI, was attended by 48 participants, 35 of which are SMEs.

  1. Forging collaborations with Cagayan Valley’s DA regional office

In an orientation held last April 27-30, DeliverE was introduced to 60 participants, the majority of whom were representatives of farmers and fisherfolks of the region. The platform was presented as an avenue to market their fresh produce and products to commercial and residential buyers being serviced by DeliverE.

Participants were also encouraged to endorse and inform the benefits of the platform to farmers and fisherfolk in their own localities, and as a way to promote their own advocacy, Farmers and Fisherfolk Enterprise Development Information System (FFEDIS).

This orientation was made possible through the strong ties of InsightSCS to the Region 2 office of DA, which resulted in an active endorsement by the regional office’s Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD).