DeliverE finds more distribution channels to improve linking of farmers to buyers

Aug 02, 2021

Partnering up with platforms and organizations by providing better-priced alternative suppliers

Growth comes with new opportunities and challenges to conquer, but DeliverE remains steadfast in pursuing its advocacy: to give our local farmers a wider market reach and our consumers and commercial buyers better-priced and quality goods. 

As DeliverE makes way for bigger collaborative efforts with institutional buyers, this means a need to onboard more farmers and cooperatives that can serve as direct suppliers for the new partnerships we are building.

Here, we take a look at the latest projects the platform is in the process of pursuing and fulfilling:



With strengthening collaborations with FEED Co., DeliverE is preparing to onboard additional vendors and suppliers to meet the demands of FEED Co.’s grocery arm, Pandamart, as they target to open 75 stores nationwide. This will be a momentous milestone for them and a huge addition to the 13 stores currently being supplied  by the platform. 

To meet its growing requirements, the project team is in talks with Region 7 and 11 of the Department of Agriculture to onboard additional farmer groups. The main goal of which is to find vendors that can take up the bulk of providing consistent fresh produce to DeliverE’s marketplace.


Through DeliverE’s streamlined agricultural supply chain, Kitain is able to continuously provide more affordable and fresher produce to its growing clientele in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. With the establishment of the platform’s additional distribution channel, this would be a big boost in easing the process of matching farmers’ produce to residential buyers.

While during the second quarter of the year, after successful proposals to companies located within the Food Terminal Incorporated (FTI) Complex, Kitain now serves as the launchpad of Merkado ng Bayan—enabling free delivery of fruits and vegetables to FTI employees.

Mercato Centrale Group

During the month of May 2021, the project team had a meeting with Mr. RJ Ledesma, one of the founders of the restaurants association in the country.

This collaboration can provide alternative suppliers of produce for partner restaurants and vendors of Mercato Centrale Group, the leading weekend food market in Metro Manila. Along with this, DeliverE can help support their newest digital pursuit, Cloud Kitchen, in fulfilling cravings of Makati and Taguig citizens through partners farmers of DeliverE from Benguet and Nueva Vizcaya.


Resellee, a social livelihood platform, supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to Cabalen, Mangan, and other restaurants. Part of their plans to expand is to onboard several sari-sari stores, and to finalize itself as an accredited supplier of fresh produce to McDonalds.

DeliverE collaborates with Resellee by providing several alternative vendors of produce, allowing their customers to easily switch based on their volume and type of produce requirements. On top of this,  DeliverE will take part in co-promoting advocacies of their partner's campaign, which is to help repatriated OFWs affected by the pandemic.