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Oversupply of Tomatoes in Quirino

Due to Covid-19/lockdown difficulties, 70 Tomato Farmers were having a hard time selling their fresh produce. As they were having a hard time selling their Tomatoes, lots of Tomatoes were already getting overripe and a lot of Tomatoes that were not yet harvested were already red/ripe:(

We were able to help  Fil Am JRC HS Batch '72 through the kindness of Dr Ardenliz Regalado Garcia and Shari Sabalvaro and facilitated donations of 250 bags of rice and vegetables mainly to Malnouished Children, High Risk Pregnant Patients, Pregnant and Lactating, PWD's, Senior Citizens, and Solo Parents   ❤

Satsuma Oranges Drive

Kasibu in Nueva Vizcaya are known for their Citrus, a favorite is their Satsuma Oranges which is a japanese variety cultivated and grow here. They are sweet and juicy!

Farmers from Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya were asking for some help to sell their Satsuma Oranges because they had a buyer back out when they already harvested.

And because of all the support, we were able to move almost 2 tons / 2,000 kilos worth of Satsuma Oranges and also some of their Ponkans!! 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Sweet Seedless Watermelon Help

A farmer from Ifugao asked for help to sell their Sweet Seedless Watermelon as they need urgent funds for his mom's Dialysis:( 

Thanks to everyone who helped, we were sucessfully able to move almost 1,000 kilos / 1 ton of Seedless Watermelons!!

Now, the farmer also supplies us with his Organic Dragon Fruit and Organic Red Lady Papaya:)