Lowland Mix - 3.5 kilos worth of Ginger, Squash, Eggplant, Sitaw, Kamote, Ampalaya, Upo and Sili Labuyo
320.00 Php 320.00 Php 320.0 PHP
Lowland Vegetables - 3 kilos

Native Karabao Mango
105.00 Php 105.00 Php 105.0 PHP
Carabao Mangoes from multiple farmers in Region 2 (Isabela, Vizcaya, etc) and some from Ilocos Norte!

Sweet! Perfect for shakes, treats, or just to eat:)
Red Dragon Fruit
190.00 Php 190.00 Php 190.0 PHP
Dragon Fruit from Bataan! Dragon Fruit is still limited now, so order yours now:)
Average of around 3 pieces per kilo. These are purple inside

Dragon Fruit is high in antioxidants, low carb, an immune system booster, and may help lower your blood sugar among other benefits:)
Red Lady Papaya (Around 3 kilos)
240.00 Php 240.00 Php 240.0 PHP
Red Lady variety from Ifugao or Nueva Vizcaya!!
Note: Normally they are harvested for Wednesday delivery


Our supply of Red Lady Papaya normally comes from our partner farmer in Ifugao named Ryan. If you remember last year we had a drive to help sell his Seedless Watermelons as he needed urgent funds for his mom's dialysis. His Red Lady Papaya, is our Best Seller! Recently though there are some restrictions in his town/municipality due to the enhanced lockdown, so sometimes he isn't able to bring his produce. If we don't get from him, we get from our other partner farm in Dupax, Nueva Vizcaya:)
Salad Mix - 4 kilos worth of Lettuce, Celery, Cabbage, Carrots, Bell Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber
440.00 Php 440.00 Php 440.0 PHP
A salad a day keeps the doctor away!

Around 4-5 kilos worth of the following:

Bell Pepper

*Note: Lettuce variety may depend on what is harvested, usually either Romaine or Green Ice
Satsuma Oranges from Nueva Vizcaya (1 kilo)
165.00 Php 165.00 Php 165.0 PHP
The famed Satsuma Oranges from Nueva Vizcaya are now available!


These are the famed Seedless Satsuma Oranges from Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya!! Grafted after years of hard work:)
Our main partner farms aren't harvesting yet, so currently we are getting from a smallholder farmer who also provides quality Oranges:)
Satsuma Oranges are usually used for juicing as they are a little tartier compared to the other Orange varieties
Taro Chips
55.00 Php 55.00 Php 55.0 PHP
Yummy Taro Chips made by local SME's in Region 2:)
Tomato Chewies
95.00 Php 95.00 Php 95.0 PHP
Super yummy Tomato Chewies locally made in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. Tomatoes used in the Chewies are perfectly good Tomatoes that were supposed to be thrown away do the oversupply. They are sundried and only two ingredients used!!

Each tub has around 120 grams
Vizcaya Pineapple (2 pieces)
120.00 Php 120.00 Php 120.0 PHP
One of the sweetest Pineapple varieties we tried!!

Grown by farmers in Ambalo Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya:) Please Note: Mixed sizes, as it depends on what our partner farmers harvest. Normally medium size though:)