Special Promo Drives!!

These produce in these promo drives are from farmers/farms who requested for help to sell their produce. If you would like to donate produce or buy more, these drives are perfect for you plus they will be a big help to these smallholder farmers/farms!

If the quantities are too big, we also have a solo order section:) 
You may also check out the other fruits/vegetables available at the other collections!

10 kilos Beautiful Local Lemons
650.00 Php 650.00 Php 650.0 PHP
Beautiful local Lemons from Quirino!! Perfect to boost your immune system during this time:)
Make into Lemonade, Treats, etc


The multiple farmers we are getting the Lemons from are quite far from NVAT, so they don't have a way of selling their Lemons.
We are helping them move their big harvest:)
4 kilos Seedless Watermelon
440.00 Php 440.00 Php 440.0 PHP
Our Best Seller, Seedless Watermelons are available again!! Normally 1 piece in 5 kilos.


This time we are helping a farm Diffun, Quirino with their harvest! The owner is Maam Arlene. Sweet and red on the inside:)
5 Kilos Isabela Saba
300.00 Php 300.00 Php 300.0 PHP
Helping Saba farmers from Isabela sell their beautiful Saba:)
5 Kilos Yellow Watermelon
350.00 Php 350.00 Php 350.0 PHP
Yellow Oval Watermelon Drive for Quirino and Nueva Ecija!! Both very sweet:) Around 2 kilos per piece
(Tiffany Yellow Variety or Semisis Variety)


1. Quirino Watermelon Drive
We were asked for help to move Watermelons from Quirino.
The name of the farmers we're helping is Miss Leah Prieto and her family:) Their area in Quirino is quite far from NVAT and the other trading posts, so they sadly had no buyers:(
We are helping them sell their bountiful harvest!

2. Nueva Ecija Watermelon Drive
We informed a farmer from Nueva Ecija that we will be buying their Watermelons, expecting a harvest of only 200 kilos. When the other farmers heard that a truck will be brought, they were so so happy and all of them harvested their Watermelons also! We were so suprised that the 200 kilos became 2 Metric Tons (2,000 kilos)! Because they had no means to transport their produce, they were worried that the Watermelons would be left to rot in the fields. So they were really happy when their entire harvest was also bought, parang may fiesta ang saya nila:)
5 kilos Perante/Hamlin Oranges Promo
999.00 Php 999.00 Php 999.0 PHP
Hamlin or Perante Oranges are only found in Nueva Vizcaya.
They have little seeds if not, none Limited and rarely can be seen sold in the supermarkets.
This is your chance to taste their unique taste:)
5 kilos Sweet Carabao Mango
850.00 Php 850.00 Php 850.0 PHP
Carabao Mangoes from Davao! Large sizes
There is no more harvests of Mango from our usual partner farmers in Region 2, Ilocos Norte, etc but these Mangoes from Davao are also very good quality and sweet:)

Please Note: Ripeness will depend on what arrives from the farmer:)
6 kilos Red Lady Papaya
420.00 Php 420.00 Php 420.0 PHP
Red Lady variety from Ifugao or Nueva Vizcaya!! The harvest isn't as frequent, so reserve yours now!


Our original supply of Red Lady Papaya comes from our partner farmer in Ifugao named Ryan. If you remember last year we had a drive to help sell his Seedless Watermelons as he needed urgent funds for his mom's dialysis. His Red Lady Papaya is our Best Seller! Recently though there are some restrictions in his town/municipality due to the enhanced lockdown, so sometimes he isn't able to bring his produce. If we don't get from him, we get from our other partner farms in Aurora who also have very good quality:)
7 kilos Valencia Oranges
999.00 Php 999.00 Php 999.0 PHP
Valencia oranges also from Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. Their taste is a little similar to Hamlin Oranges
They are sweet and juicy and are usually used for juice
The farmer asked if we could help sell their Oranges as they were able to harvest a lot
9 kilos Tangkan Oranges
999.00 Php 999.00 Php 999.0 PHP
Tangkan Oranges are from Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. Kasibu is know for their quality oranges!
Tangkan Oranges taste a little similar to their Ponkans, which was our best seller before

The farmer asked if we can help sell their Tangkan Oranges as they have a lot that they were able to harvest
Mangosteen from Vizcaya (2 kilos)
580.00 Php 580.00 Php 580.0 PHP
Normally Mangosteen comes from Davao but one of our Citrus partner farmers in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya offered us their harvest of Mangosteen:) Still a very limited harvest available

They are juicy and tasty!